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The purpose of this e-book is to provide as thoroughly as attainable an outline of the joints of the human limbs, utilizing images and drawings of anatomical dissections. current descriptive anatomical bills are frequently theoretical and never associated with useful task of the joints involved; they lack useful demonstra­ tion of the anatomy. we are hoping to fill the distance within the on hand literature via presentation of this e-book. The paintings is directed in the direction of anatomists, medical professionals attracted to joint pathology, orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, radiologists, experts in recreation accidents and rehabilitation, additionally to physicians typically, physiotherapists and scholars. The e-book is split into seven chapters. each one bankruptcy contains elements: the 1st is a quick account of the sensible anatomy of the joint. It doesn't provide an entire description yet an total precis of the practical buildings concerned. the second one part, the most half, contains illustrations (drawings and images of anatomical dissections). The dissections and the pictures have been ready within the division of Anatomy directed by way of Professor HENRI M. DUVERNaY from cadaveric specimens preserved by means of the tactic defined through WINCKLER (1964). the method of dissecting the ligamentous buildings round joints has proved techni­ cally tricky. you can actually create artificially buildings from the mass of fibrous tissue and on a few events we now have been not able to find ligaments that are defined in a few anatomical bills.

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Latera l View Fibula Lateral condyle Patella Tuberc le of Gerdy Va tus lat r Ii Expans ion of vastu latera lis Lateral patella r retinac ulum (cut) Patella r ligamen t Tibial i anterio r oleus Anterio r ligamen t of head of fib ula Comm on perone a l nerve Lateral head of ga tro nemiu Lateral meni cus Bicep femori tendon (partly cut) Fibular collater al ligamen t Semim embran ostl 41 Chapter 2 42 The Knee Joint Figure 19 F LC T Right Knee Joint. Latera l View (With Capsule and Patella Removed) Fibula Lateral condyle Tibia J Fibular collater al ligamen t 2 Poplite us tendon 3 Lateral meni cu 4 Iliotibia l tract (cut) 5 Patella r ligamen t 6 Anterio r muscles of leg 7 Soleus 8 Bicep femoris tendon (cut) 9 Semim embran o us tendon (cut) 10 Cap ule 43 Chapter 2 44 The Knee Joint Figure 20 AlA PIA 1 2 3 4 5 Right Knee Joint (With Femur Removed).

Lateral View Patella Tubercle of Gerdy P TG 1 IliotibiaJ tract 2 direct layer 3 reflected layer 4 Lateral patellar retinaculum 5 Patellar ligament 6 Fascia cruris 7 Common peroneal nerve 8 Biceps femoris tendon and it expansions 9 Lateral inferior genicular artery 10 Fibular collateral ligament 11 Popliteus tendon 12 Lateral head of gastrocnemius 37 Chapter 2 38 The Knee Joint Figure 17 F LC LE T Right Knee Joint (With Capsule Removed). Lateral View Fibula Lateral condyle Lateral epicondyle Tibia 1 Va tu lateraljs 2 Iliotibial tract (cut) 3 Infrapatellar pad of fat 4 Patellar ligament 5 Tibiali anterior 6 Peroneus longu (cut) 7 Ex ten or digitorum longu (cut) 8 Lateral head of ga trocnemius 9 Biceps femori tendon: 10 the middle layer urround s the fibular collateral ligament.

The middle (tibial) arm is directed towards the tibia and attaches to the posterior border and surface thereof. The posterior arm is continuous with the capsule and with the oblique popliteal ligament. The lateral collateral structures are in three layers: - A capsular layer. - A ligamentous layer comprising the fibular collateral ligament joined behind to the arcuate popliteal ligament and forming the posterolateral corner of the joint. - A muscular layer associated from front to back with the iliotibial tract, the numerous expansions of the biceps femoris muscle which have been well described by Marschall et al.

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