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By Jeffrey Richter

The Microsoft® .NET Framework permits builders to speedy construct powerful, safe ASP.NET net kinds and XML internet provider purposes, home windows® varieties functions, instruments, and kinds. discover all approximately its universal language runtime and the best way to leverage its energy to construct, package deal, and installation any type of program or part. utilized MICROSOFT .NET FRAMEWORK PROGRAMMING is perfect for a person who is familiar with object-oriented programming strategies similar to info abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism. The ebook conscientiously explains the extensible kind method of the .NET Framework, examines how the runtime manages the habit of varieties, and explores how an program manipulates forms. whereas targeting C#, it offers strategies acceptable to all programming languages that focus on the .NET Framework.

Topics lined include:

  • The .NET Framework structure
  • Building, packaging, deploying, and administering purposes and their forms
  • Building and deploying shared assemblies
  • variety basics
  • Primitive, reference, and price kinds
  • Operations universal to all gadgets
  • Type individuals and accessibility
  • Constants, fields, tools, homes, and occasions
  • operating with textual content
  • Enumerated kinds and bit flags
  • Array varieties
  • Interfaces
  • Custom attributes
  • Delegates
  • Error dealing with with exceptions
  • Automatic reminiscence administration
  • AppDomains and mirrored image
  • Includes assurance of C#

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Example text

Because types are atthe rootofthe C LR ,M icrosoftcreated a form al specification— the C om m on Type System (C TS)— thatdescribes how types are defined and how they behave. Fields are identified by their nam e and type. The signature specifies the calling convention,the num ber ofparam eters (and theirsequence),the types ofthe param eters,and the type ofvalue returned by the m ethod. For exam ple,a button could offer an eventthatnotifies other objects w hen the button is clicked. The C TS also specifies the rules for type visibility and for access to the m em bers ofa type.

O nly users w ho require the additionalaccessibility features w ould require that this m odule be dow nloaded. Ifthe file can’tbe found,the C LR throw s a FileNotFoundException exception atruntim e. Partitioning the types into separate files also allow s for partialor piecem ealpackaging and deploym entfor “shrinkw rapped”scenarios. By the w ay,this data file can be in any form at:a textfile,a M icrosoftExcelspreadsheet,a M icrosoftW ord table,or w hatever you like— as long as yourapplication know s how to parse the file’s contents.

W hen the com piler can’tcom pile the m ethod into IL,itcom piles the m ethod into x86 so thatthe application stillruns. In fact, the data types don’thave m etadata produced forthem ,and the types’m ethod nam es are m angled. So, C/C ++ code can use libraries available to C /C ++ as w ellas m anaged types. dll> // F or printf // F or m anaged types defined in this assem bly using nam espace S ystem ; // E asily access S ystem nam espace types // Im plem ent a norm al C /C ++ m ain function void m ain() { // C all the C runtim e library’s printf function.

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