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By Susan Smith Kuczmarski

Your 7-step prescription for making a compassionately aggressive paintings tradition


For centuries, leaders were working inside of a “control and compete” mind-set. yet occasions are altering. increasingly more, on the helm of winning businesses, you’ll discover a varied type of chief. Collaborators, no longer controllers, they're “square apples,” daring women and men who dare to create luck by way of reshaping the office in unforeseen ways.


In Apples Are sq. , innovation specialists and celebrated authors Dr. Susan Smith Kuczmarski and Thomas D. Kuczmarski percentage with you the secrets and techniques of the way to develop into a sq. apple on your association. To advance their groundbreaking procedure for achievement, the authors interviewed dozens of management pioneers, together with Craig Newmark, founding father of craigslist; Mary Ellen Weber, former NASA astronaut; and NFL superstar Chris Zorich, whose own tale encouraged the name of this booklet. With the instruments in Apples Are sq. , you’ll have the capacity to take any bruised atmosphere and reshape it right into a optimistic strength.

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While commonplace, this thinking has no collaborative quality to it! indd 20 3/8/07 3:05:38 PM A New Success Model 21 Values-Based Decisiveness Decisiveness means choosing a course of action or mental dir ection based on w eighing sev eral alternativ es and considerations. Because w e nev er actually see a decision, w e kno w a decision has been made when other things star t to happen. D ecision making is integral to leadership. Important decisions have short- and long-term consequences for gr oups and communities.

Yelling, the worst form of verbalization, is too common. Close and healthy work environments are built through frequent, open, two-way communication—and lots of it. Try to talk on a regular basis, especially at meetings when ev eryone is sitting together . Establish a ritual wher e workers go ar ound the table and talk about the most meaningful—or discouraging—part of their work. This may be an event, a personal project, or a thought—anything that has special importance. Try to br eak free from old and r epeated topics.

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