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By Allen Batteau

During this selection of fourteen essays, students of Appalachian tradition and society study how the folks take care of and adapt to the pressures of swap thrust upon them. Appalachia and America will entice a vast diversity of individuals attracted to the southern mountains or within the coverage problems with social welfare. It bargains cogently with the most recent kind of clash affecting not just groups in Appalachia, yet city and rural groups in the USA at large―the fight for neighborhood values and methods of existence within the face of far-off and strong bureaucracies.

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We're all at least a little bit kin," as residents say, but some kin-namely, members of one's own family-are "close" kin, while others are "just a little bit kin" to oneself. Most residents are familiar with at least some of these interfamily links, but usually only with those that are recent or genealogically close to themselves. For example, any marriage between resident members of two of the mountain's family groups that had occurred, say, within the last twenty to thirty years would be a matter of common knowledge, and the members of the household concerned would either be spoken of as members of both family groups (as in fact is the case for two households) or would be affiliated with one family with the inmarrying spouse noted to be also, as an individual, a member of the other family group (as occurs in the case of one household).

That is, current images of the family groups of the top of the mountain may undergo gradual alterations that would continually account for and resolve recurring discrepancies and ambiguities. To illustrate, fifty or a hundred years hence residents of the top of the mountain may not conceive of their neighborhood as composed of four families known as the Campbells, the Johnsons of Rocky Gap, the Bradleys, and the Johnsons of Mine Flats. For example, the neighborhood may by then be viewed as consisting of three families--the Bradleys, the Johnsons, and, let us say, the Joneses.

20 These cutouts, called "lacing," were considered a pretty decoration unto themselves, but if the doors were left open on a warm, windy day they trembled in the breeze-a visual treat usually reserved for springtime. 24 CHARLES E. MARTIN There were other decorations heralding spring. After the weather warmed enough so that coal was no longer burned in the firebox, the latter was cleaned of its soot and ashes and the grate taken out and scrubbed down to the metal. Orange clay was then rubbed over the front of the grate before setting it back in the firebox.

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