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1 (a). Pupils who attended school outside of Alexandra still had residential rights as long as they returned during the holidays. 1 (b) allowed persons who did not qualify for an (a) right, but had lived in Alexandra legally with a permit for 15 years or had worked for one employer for ten consecutive years, or with different employers for 15 years, to have a (b) right. One year contractual labor and frequent visits to a rural home did not preclude persons from this (b) right. This right entitled the grantee to live in Alexandra, to rent or buy a home, and to work in the approved White area.

Going right from this fork leads to Twelfth Avenue, which eventually crosses Alfred Nzo Street, where a row of pastel-colored flats stand. At the crossways, a left leads to the new subdivisions and a right pass continues onto Rooseveld Avenue and back by the Madala men’s hostel, which leads to First Avenue. During the 1970s, Indian shops dominated the trade there. Today, informal squawkers line the street, which forms a curve where one witnesses the old Alexandra Health Committee offices on Second Avenue near an open field.

Johannes Moloadi, 111 years old, faced eviction. His 59-year-old granddaughter, Sarah Noge, whom I will discuss later, refused along with him to move, citing, “we are too old . . ”30 By using the stories of everyday Alexandrans, this chapter provides an insider’s view of the removal process, recovers lesser known voices, explores the significance of property, and explains how people used their bodies to memorialize their pain. ” Resettlement and its synonyms, relocation, immigration, passage, exodus, movement, journey, and voyage, all convey movement from one place to another.

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