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By Diana Cooper

Angels offer outlooks which could aid unravel any human challenge, even if social, political, old, own, sexual, or non secular, and their enlightened ways are recorded in this insightful and uplifting non secular consultant. precise and encouraging own tales turn out that no challenge is simply too tough while angels are consulted, and various routines and meditations are integrated to make hearing and knowing angels more straightforward. those basic, transparent, and compassionate solutions are offered as a fashion of resolving making an attempt concerns and discovering peace.

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Give and receive in balance. If you give something away, allow yourself to receive in equal measure, and if you are given something, gratefully repay it in some way. This includes taking from your state or government, so if you accept a benefit, make sure you give something back to the community in return. How does God punish people who have done cruel things? God is love. Love does not punish or condemn. It shows the soul a higher way of being and softens the heart with love and understanding.

These three actions create a powerfully protective aura. - Daily thank the angel of your home for looking after it. Can I change anything in my life? Yes. You are master of your destiny. Your thoughts and emotions send out the energetic vibrations which attract people, situations, events and material things to you. Transform your beliefs and your life must change. What do I need to do to alter my situation? If you seriously wish to transform something, you must be clear about it. First decide what you really want without letting anyone else influence you.

Take a few moments to thank God for taking your loved one into His care. Ask for the strength, patience, love and whatever else you need to handle the situation. 8. Feel your angel’s wings enfolding you and know that help is coming to you. You may need to do this visualization several times. I feel condemned to a life of drudgery looking after my elderly parents. What can I do? You build your life with your emotions and, most importantly, your beliefs. Your beliefs are that you deserve to live in drudgery and servitude, and this has become your karma.

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