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The editors of Time-Life Books have produced one other interesting sequence: Mysteries of the Unknown. historic knowledge and mystery Sects are delivered to you in impressive element via vibrant images and fascinating, informative textual content.

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The Cathars flourished cabal, of a se- increased contact between The Christian Cabala drew in the twelfth century, a period of cret plot or intrigue. East and West. The Cru- a corps of enthusiasts dedicated to spreading sades—the Christian its effort to word. Pico della Mirandola recapture Jerusalem and oth- was er parts of the said to in his have been limited grasp of Kabbalistic the but his influence on his lore, Holy Land from Muslims— were height, and Christian at their soldiers contemporaries and succes- and the merchants who sors far exceeded the limits of The seven-branched menorah, shown here in a fourteenth-century illustration from a Spanish Bible, represents the divine world of emanation— symbolism also found in the Kabbalists' tree of life.

Over Jung regarded the rose as a symbol deep human The cross appears over the world, and for Christians in diverse it is foundation. Written mythologies all equated with sacrifice also can be lected the rose made that the founders of the in their there are those outlook, se- and the cross because these symbols ap- peared on Martin Luther's coat of arms. who maintain that the alchemy, which the order ment was known On the other hand, name is taken from to the that wishing so or as an attempt to it group, of their full share.

The sect, which dated travelers from attack. were immune Women, for century, included were usually spared in deference to Kali's gender, and holy men, certain craftsmen, musicians, and poets also Hindus, but enjoyed her protection. Lepers back instance, at least to the thirteenth all Muslims and Thugs claimed a special relation to Kali, the and Black Mother of Hindu the cording to their myth, the god- cripples were exempt, since Thugs feared contamination. Not wanting to risk reprisal from dess bisected a man-eating de- colonial rulers, the killers never mon with a diabolic horde, Kali molested Europeans either.

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