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By Hugh Nibley

Dr. Hugh W. Nibley, professor emeritus of old scriptures at Brigham younger college, gave the next twenty-six lectures in an honors category at the Pearl of serious expense. This type was once videotaped within the Maesar development in the course of iciness semester 1986 and the textual content was once then transcribed and is incorporated the following during this publication.

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They started tapping the walls around old synagogues in Cairo. Cairo is a very important one because it produced a valuable geniza. And in Romania and all the places where there had been old synagogues. There are some very old ones scattered all over the place. Many of them had been converted to mosques, you see, but the walls were still intact. And so by hearing the hollow sound you could come out with a text that was a thousand or two thousand years older than any text that had been known. Then you could see if they had altered or changed anything.

They are not restored from old books. We're not talking about that particular theme now. These are direct revelations we have coming down. And the Jaredite story; that's very interesting because that deals with the scattering. That's one of the most interesting books we have. You notice I use the word scattering, not the dispersion. That's used of the other dispersions of Israel when it was scattered. That's the scattering of the people at the fall of the Tower of Babel when the nations were scattered at that early time after the Flood.

It couldn't be thrown away. It couldn't be cut up. So what you did is make a geniza. That was a hole in the wall (and there are many of these) of the synagogue, in the mud or brick or stone. You put the old text in there and you covered it up. In the beginning of this century, Paul Kahle and others started looking for genizas. The Damascus fragment was discovered, which belongs to the Dead Sea Scrolls, which indicated that these things were there. They started tapping the walls around old synagogues in Cairo.

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