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By Paul Foster Case

Paul Foster Case (1884-1954) was once the most revered of the yank occultists within the early twentieth century. ''An advent to the research of Tarot'' was once initially released in 1920 and has been a number one introductory consultant for all with an curiosity within the Tarot.

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I have already given some intimation of this in my endeavors to explain how the Fatherhood of the Emperor is the consequence of the Empress’ Motherhood. The concealed significance of Binah, then, is connected with 4, which reminds us that the Qabalah declares the universe to be composed of four elements, manifested in four worlds, and producing four principles in the constitution of man. From 4, moreover, by extension, 10, the number of Malkuth, the Kingdom, is evolved. 32 Introduction to the Study of Tarot To this fourfold scheme the symbolism of the Wheel of Fortune refers in various ways.

When a plateau of arrested progress has been reached, the faint-hearted become discouraged and quit. However, the knowledge that their experience is a normal one should give them resolution to keep on. ” 9 This law of habit formation is one of the results of the universal Law of Rhythm which pervades all phases of evolution. All things have their ebb and flow, their elevation and depression, their pendulum-like swing between opposite poles. Hence the dominant symbol of this Key is the Moon, which represents the Law of Rhythm by its phases, and by its influence upon the tides.

Hence Temperance may be taken to represent ideas analogous to those of the Hierophant. The angel, in Mr. Waite’s version, seems to be male; but it is more often represented in older Tarots as a female figure, and is sometimes taken to represent the goddess Diana. In reality it is androgyne, for it is the Supreme Spirit, the Universal Father-Mother. Hence, in Mr. Waite’s design, careful scrutiny will show the Tetragrammaton, Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh, embroidered in Hebrew letters on the collar of the angel’s robe.

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