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By Robert Louis Grottke

Robert L. Grottke's All i wanted to grasp, and so on. is his targeted account of effectively promoting vacuums as a door-to-door salesman, operating his method via collage, and in the direction of a satisfying and well-known profession in revenues. He stocks his telling recollections in addition to the company wisdom that he discovered.

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We picked a day, and I went out with Jack. The preparation was very important. Jack had his array of gifts ready—mending kits, plastic bags, combs, etc. He also had a sheer nylon in his shirt pocket—60 gauge, 15 denier. In his other pocket, he had a more serviceable nylon—say a 45 gauge, 30 denier. In his back pants pocket, he had our best selling men’s sock—with a nylon reinforced heel. In his other back pocket, he had a boy’s sock. By way of explanation, denier represented the thickness or thinness of the nylon strand and gauge represented the tightness of the weave.

So I’ll just sleep in and get a little later start this morning. Failure was easy and could seem to be the most attractive option. I didn’t really want this job anyway. I never was cut out to be a salesperson. This company or its products really aren’t that good— that’s why they are so hard to sell. Excuses, excuses. Failure was simply the most attractive option. Somehow, I was able to see through this and avoid this potential pitfall early on. It really had to do with attitude. If you let it, the job could easily cause you to develop a bad attitude, almost in spite of yourself and your best intentions.

As I was leaving the house, I considered it an accomplishment that I had sold to a blind person. In retrospect, it really had nothing to do with me, but all to do with her ability to overcome her handicap and complete the purchase of products she wanted. ” I know, because that is what I started doing. Then, I learned. I gave it a little twist. ” So I started announcing myself when the customer wasn’t near the door, in a fashion similar to the gas or electric man. I would say in a somewhat muffled or inaudible voice, “the Real Silk man,” kind of garbling Real Silk, so it could be reasonably mistaken for the gas or the electric man.

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