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By Rainer Bohrer, Bernd Kalbskopf, Uwe Nohl, Hans-Jürgen Richter-Ditten, Paul Kämpf (auth.), Uwe Nohl, Gottfried Olbrich (eds.)

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C6a-62/7 [(COl sFe3(P-CsH5b(As(CsH5hlr. C6a-287, 288 AsC 3SH320 sReS . 8-1 , 4 ASC42H35N2Sn ... (CSH5hSn -N(CsH5)-As( =N-CsH5)(CsH5b . . . 19-30, 32/3 ASC43H440 5PRe . C7 -154, 156 [As(C sH5)4)[Th(NC 5H3(COOb-2,6hl . 3 H 20 .. C7-154, 156 ASC45H4, MnNS 4· . 5-179 ASC55H59N400S .. D1-214 AsHMoO s AsHMo , ,039SGmel in Handbook Index 3rd Suppl. B3b-94/6 38 AsH 2Mo1B060 7- .. As H3Mog0 346AsH 41Mn0 4AsH 4Mog0 345AsH 5Mog0 344AsH 6MogNa30 34' . (As0 3)(H20 3)Mo 1B05/- ' H3AsMog0346[M n0 3(AsH 3)(OH)W H4AsMo g0 345H5AsMo g0 344Na 3[AsMog0 31(H20bl .

Mn(03AsCsH4CI-4) . 5 H20 [Mn(03AsCsH4-CI-4)(OH)(H20hl . H20 [As(CH 3)4][(CH3bln(Clbl [As(CH 3)4][(CD3bln(Clbl [(4-(HOb(O)AsC sH4)SbCls [(CO)sReO(H)CH 3][AsFsl [Re(CO)s][AsFsl [(F 2S=N-CN)Mn(CO)s][AsFsl [(CO)sReNCNSF 2][AsF sl r AsCsFsN 20sReS . [(CO)sReNCNSOF 2][AsFsl ASCsF1SN303 [(CF 3bN-OhAs AsCsFl gN202 [(CF 3bN-ObAsF(CF3b AsC sGeH,sN2 Ge(CH 3hC[As(CH3bIN2 Mn(2-N02-C sH4-As03) . H20 AsCsH 4MnNO s Mn(4-HO-3-N0 2-C sH3-As03) . H20 AsCsH 4MnNO s AsC sHsMn0 3 Mn(C sHs-As0 3 ) Mn(C sHs-As03) . H20 AsCsH sMo702S4- [(CsHs-As03)(Mo04)MosO'sI4AsCsH sMo' 1039PS[PMOll As(C sHs)03gI SASCsHsMo'1039SiS[SiMo l ' As(C sHs)03gI SAsCsHsN202S2' .

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