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By Nicolas Van de Walle

This publication explains why African nations have remained mired in a disastrous monetary main issue because the past due Nineteen Seventies. It exhibits that dynamics inner to African country buildings principally clarify this failure to beat monetary problems instead of exterior pressures on those comparable buildings as is usually argued. faraway from being avoided from project reforms via societal curiosity and strain teams, clientelism in the nation elite, ideological components and coffee kingdom capability have led to a few constrained reform, yet a lot prevarication and manipulation of the reform method, through governments that don't rather think that reform might be powerful.

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Neopatrimonial systems tend to favor consumption over investment, they produce unsustainable economic policies, and they systematically underinvest in institutional capacity, which threatens power holders. Neopatrimonialism combined 16 Introduction in Africa with a weak civil society and few partlClpatory traditions, a colonial legacy most of the first generation of rulers found useful to maintain. Chapter 4 then shows how these dynamics have conditioned the state's response to the emergence of crisis in the 1970s.

Senegal, for example, has one of the oldest industrial sectors in west Africa, with a textile industry going back to the 1940S, yet total union membership probably never exceeded 40,000 during the 1980s, out of a formal sector labor force of between 160,000 and 190,000 and a potential labor force of perhaps five million men and women. 22 Ghana has perhaps the largest and traditionally the best-organized labor movement with some 467,000 members in the national Trade Union Congress (TUC), or 13 percent of the labor force.

I2. Rohert H. Bates and Anne Krueger, "Generalization from the Case Studies," in Robert H. Bates and Anne Krueger, Political and Economic Interactions in Economic Policy Reform (Oxford, UK: Basil Blackwell, I993), pp. 444-72, I!. P·45· 13. John A. Wiseman, "Urban Riots in West Africa, 1977-1985," Journal of Modern African Studies 24 (1986): 509-I8. Approaches to Africa's Permanent Crisis Perhaps the real problem is that scholars who have attributed great influence to interest groups tend to conflate interests and interest groups, assuming that the mere existence of economic interests in a segment of the population will guarantee their effective representation in the political system.

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