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Download Advances in the Theory of Riemann Surfaces, Proceedings of by Lars Valerian Ahlfors, Lipman Bers PDF

By Lars Valerian Ahlfors, Lipman Bers

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I have the most profound sympathy for those of you who have had to rebel against mathematics departments like the Harvard Mathematics Department. I haven't had to face that problem because a rebellion, for an entirely different reason, freed applied mathematics nearly twenty years ago. Or, for those of you who have to rebel against incomprehensible and uncomprehending archaic schools of engineering. Again, this I did not have to face, because rotating machinery got out of our engineering school (in fact the engineering school was abolished) in that same convulsion about twenty years ago.

Equally important to the decisions about computing subjects to be included, and the methods of presentation, is a clear understanding of the objectives of the particu- Graduate Computer Science Programs 47 lar program. This situation is quite comparable to that in mathematics, for example, where different programs, with different staffing and admission standards, should be followed at advanced levels, depending upon whether the objective is to accredit a university research scholar in pure mathematics, to yield teachers of elementary mathematics, or to train applied mathematicians.

It was never clear to these students, nor to those of their teachers that I talked to, whether they were future computer specialists or youngsters who were just dabbling. I am not sure that what they were doing was right in either case. And I would urge you to consider very strongly in your workshop deliberations, various forms of curriculum, whether the introduction of consoles, batch-processing, or what have you, as part of the experience of every undergraduate, is, in fact, so wise. Are we right to advocate the notion that there should be a console in every pot, so to speak, or, to turn it around, are we putting pot in every console?

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