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By Michael V.Kurgansky

This e-book offers with the most rules of large-scale atmospheric dynamics at the foundation of adiabatic movement constants. it may be regarded as an advent to the idea of quasi two-dimensional fluid movement concentrating totally on approximately horizontal fluid parcel displacements in a stably stratified compressible fluid. an intensive mathematical remedy of the governing equations is coupled with a transparent interpretation of the phenomena studied and observed by way of examples of genuine meteorological information research. issues contain a whole set of compressible fluid dynamic equations besides a survey on fluid dynamical conservation legislation utilized in meteorology and atmospheric physics; the derivation of two-dimensional atmospheric types; large-scale flows; isentropic research of large-scale atmospheric procedures; and the foundations of kinetic strength sinks and their relation to the strength stability within the surroundings.

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In meteorology, one thermodynamical local invariant is well-known for a long time already and is widely used nowadays. It is specific entropy s or, which is equivalent but more convenient, potential temperature θ. Specific humidity m for a motion of non-saturated moist air is also a Lagrangian invariant. Under definite circumstances, the concentration of minor gaseous species is the material constant (3), too. For instance, it could be the ozone concentration, the study of which currently attracts particular attention in connection with the well-known problem of ‘ozone depletions’ over Antarctic and Arctic regions.

In oceanological problems the fluid compressibility can be usually neglected. In this case, the water density ρ replaces the entropy in Ertel’s theorem. , in Kochin et al. 1964; Pedlosky, 1987; Landau and Lifshitz, 1988; see also Schröder, 1988). In the first immediate comment on Ertel’s (1942) paper by Moran (1942) the potential vorticity conservation law was proved illustratively (just in the way which becomes customary nowadays) by using the Lord Kelvin’s (W. Tomson) circulation theorem along with the mass conservation principle.

The requirements of atmospheric angular momentum conservation law make it necessary to correct some statements in the previous section which discussed problems of atmospheric energetics. In that piece of text, where energetic isolation of the atmosphere is assumed to be necessary, we should, generally speaking, also assume that the atmospheric angular momentum is constant. Indeed, the assumption of the frictionally caused exchange of angular momentum between the atmosphere and the solid Earth contradicts the requirement of atmospheric energy conservation.

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