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By Zita West

ACUPUNCTURE IN being pregnant AND CHILDBIRTH is a concise hugely illustrated and sensible advisor to utilizing acupuncture to regard ladies all through their being pregnant and labour. Drawing on an unprecedented wealth of expertise as a midwife and an acupuncturist, the writer has produced a ebook obtainable to either acupuncture scholars and practitioners protecting body structure on the topic of being pregnant and childbirth, illuminating hyperlinks among Western wisdom and acupuncture techniques and suggesting issues and element combos for specific phases and activities while pregnant and labour.

  • Highly illustrated with precis containers and guidelines
  • Covers dietary points of pregnancy
  • Gives useful recommendation and guide at the use of acupuncture throughout the 4 trimesters of being pregnant and labour
  • Uses case examples to extra illustrate the text
  • Covers contemporary advances with regards to the consequences of aspirin and heparin to the immune process and pregnancy
  • Includes IVF pregnancies
  • Glossary and appendix of necessary addresses
  • Fully up to date and revised all through to incorporate fresh research
  • Nutrition and its influence at the foetus (new and constructing sector of research)

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Sweetness is the Earth Element and the most central aspect of the body. Most carbohydrates are considered sweet. Internal organs affected by taste The other four tastes relate to the body organs as follows: • • • • • sour flavour enters the Liver and Gall Bladder bitter flavour enters the Heart and Small Intestine sweet flavour enters the Spleen and Stomach pungent flavour enters the Lungs and Large Intestine salty flavour enters the Kidneys and Bladder. indd 40 Yin Cooling Salty, bitter or sour Building blood and fluids Descending energy 10/10/2007 4:44:45 PM Nutrition in pregnancy 41 Food for conception and pregnancy Ancient Chinese thinking says that the food that our parents ate prior to our conception and what our mothers ate while they were carrying us affects us throughout our lives.

LI-4 and SP-6: these points are used for induction with strong stimulation and should be avoided throughout pregnancy. They should also not be used if a woman who comes for treatment is unsure whether or not she is pregnant. • GB-21: this has a strong downward movement and must not be used before the second stage of labour. • BL-31 and 32: these are in the first and second sacral foramina, very good for induction and not points that can easily be needled in error. • BL-67: I would not needle this point during pregnancy but would heat it with moxa to turn a breech baby.

Great care needs to be taken in treating pregnant women between 32 and 34 weeks. On no account should you give any strong treatments, especially in the back, as you do not want to do anything that might start contractions. Position Always sit a pregnant woman upright with a backrest so that she feels comfortable (Fig. 3). As the pregnancy progresses, it is a good idea for her to lie on her side. 2 Forbidden points on the body. 3 Position for a pregnant woman on the couch. The pressure of the growing baby in the uterus can easily make her feel faint if she lies flat, as the weight of the baby inside presses on the vena cava, an important vein.

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