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38 The Roots of Our Approach This is partly because they allow us to consider the way in which these processes can influence development directly. However, it is also important because understanding these processes is critical in comprehending the nature and origins of relational framing, which underlies sophisticated human behavior, including romantic love and sexuality. In the next chapter, building on the foundations established here, we focus on relational framing. 39 Chapter 3 Relational Frame Theory • Introduction • The Nature and Origins of Relational Framing • Properties of Relational Framing • RFT and the Human Condition • RFT and Verbal Love: Preview • Summary Introduction In the previous chapter, we introduced the basics of the behavior analytic approach to psychology.

Falling out of love often occurs when feelings of love have not been reinforced by a partner’s reciprocation. At such times, it might seem common sense that the timing is right to either seek therapy—typically to change aspects of the partner—or leave the relationship. However, there are other important sources of reinforcement for relationship behavior besides reciprocation. For example, it can be reinforcing to behave in ways that are consistent with one’s values. According to ACT, people have hierarchies of values.

The child says, “apple”). This kind of interaction, in which both directions of the relational pattern are explicitly taught, happens countless times with numerous different objects (including social objects, of course, such as “Mommy” and “Daddy”) until eventually the child has acquired the operant of bidirectional name-object relations. , after being asked where the [novel name B] is, the child readily points 45 ACT and RFT in Relationships to novel object A). This bidirectional name-object pattern is particularly important, as it constitutes the key linguistic phenomenon of reference and also provides the foundation for the relational frame of coordination, which appears to be one of the most common and important frames in human language.

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