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By Larry Johnson, Bob Phillips

WorldCom. Enron. Tyco. stunning accusations of dishonesty and silent complicity have ruled headlines lately, and value the yank financial system trillions of bucks. sincerely, dishonesty doesn't pay.
Drawing from those tales, in addition to from extra confident ones, Absolute Honesty indicates the right way to identify and retain a tradition the place sincere verbal exchange is the norm, and staff can communicate brazenly with no worry of retribution. The publication illustrates the impression that truthfulness and responsibility may have on organisations, attacking this kind of passivity that enables little lies to develop into huge mess ups.
Structured round the Six legislation of Absolute Honesty, this insightful publication is going past easily extolling the virtues of ethics to supply a template managers can use to keep up an atmosphere of fit debate. It additionally encompasses a toolbox of thoughts somebody can follow to enhance his or her skill to confront and unravel tough matters.
Companies can obtain large advantages from cultivating an environment of belief. Absolute Honesty is a vital, well timed ebook that gives readers with the instruments and methods to set up a tradition during which verbal exchange flourishes and effects converse for themselves.

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How often does it happen in an organization that, for one reason or another, no one tells the manager what the manager needs to know and, as a result, the manager or the company blunders into a disaster? Perhaps an account manager spots serious flaws in a marketing strategy but, because she’s new in the position, feels timid about speaking up. Maybe someone from the management team has a bad feeling about entering into a risky business deal but says nothing because everyone else is so gung ho about it.

Within his first month at XYZ, Ken determined that the company needed the same kind of program. He presented the idea to his management team and, although everyone had reservations about the plan, they all nodded in agreement. They considered it a radical departure from their normal modus operandi, but no one felt comfortable confronting the new boss over something he was so obviously excited about. Later that day, Ken instructed Juanita, the HR manager, to set up a training program and begin scheduling managers and employees to be trained immediately in the new methodology.

Not only was communication limited between departments, Juanita explained, but interdepartmental wars were not uncommon—and this lack of departmental cooperation was a major contributor to XYZ’s slow product development cycle. ‘‘It’s a huge problem and it certainly needs fixing,’’ Juanita acknowledged. ’’ Ken listened respectfully to Juanita’s wise words, but instead of heeding the warning, he moved ahead with his program. Over the next year, product development cycle times not only failed to improve, they took longer to complete.

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