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By Marian Green

I loved this publication even though it must never were my writing type b/c I looked as if it would positioned it down much more than the 2 different newbie books i bought. this doesn't suggest I remove any credits from it as i feel it might simply be a type of books i must get back to because the time was once simply no longer correct but, a minimum of for a number of the workouts.

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It can be protective, calming, healing, invigorating. It may be as small as the span of your arms or stretch, like the great Earth Zodiacs, across many miles of countryside. It may be created by your will to bring you inner peace for a few moments of meditation, or built of mighty stones and earthen banks over hundreds of years, enduring for thousands, as at Avebury, Callanish or Stonehenge. ' The greatest skill every witch, magician, druid or healer needs to develop is that of intuition. Literally 'inner teaching', it is that sense of 'rightness' about any action, thought or esoteric activity.

Look out through the open door to the North-west, watching for the visit of those who have travelled into otherworlds, through death, beyond birth, or those First Ancestors, our shared kindred, Old Ones, Great Ones, Parents of All. So the circle of the year is completed. Within a house it is not so easy to sense the power which comes from each direction, and if you wish to hold elaborate rituals at each of the Old Feasts, do try to spend just a few moments in the garden, or out of doors, looking at the sun or stars, gathering with your own hands the flowers or greenery.

At the Spring Equinox the God has become the warrior, the Champion of the Goddess, and like such heroes as Hercules or our own King Arthur, he has twelve tasks to perform, each linked with one of the signs of the Zodiac. Dancing around the circle he shows off, in the person of the local hero, or a lad chosen by lot to play the part. He is armed with the Spear of the Sun and the Arrows of Passion, and when he has played his part, wooed the Goddess and, with her permission, bedded her, he fires arrows into the setting sun and departs on his great journey.

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