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The global evaluation was based on the theoretical schema that was established by combining, as is apparent from the chart shown in Table I, all the significant factors on which data was actually available, and linking them together by a system of interrelations. This evaluation would have made it possible, since it was an experimental programme, to verify the correctness and determine the conditions of validity of the central principles around which EWLP was implicitly built and which may be expressed, a posteriori, in the following terms: 5 All of the documentation analysed for the purpose of global evaluation, and consisting of over 65,000 pages of studies, reports, monographs and specimens of teaching materials, has been gathered at Unesco House.

Firstly, it is necessary to: (i) analyse the conditions essential for achieving the objective; (ii) take note of the conditions which are lacking in reality or are u It cannot be dissembled, however, that even the best of educations will not resolve fundamental social contradictions. Experimental World Literacy Programme 43 insufficiently or incompletely present; (iii) define the technical means appropriate for alleviating these insufficiencies and lacks. It is indispensable, secondly, to secure the collaboration of the milieu in defining the problems and seeking the solutions.

PEDAGOGICAL RELATIONSHIP All projects sought to promote participation in the dynamics of the classroom situation. This is not merely similar to what educators call "active methods". ). Secondly, the nature of the pedagogical relationship within the classroom must be linked to the participation of the adults in the programme as a whole. The level of educational directivity cannot be separated from the level of initiative of the participants in administering the programme. It is as if two sources of legitimacy or authority constituted the poles of functional methodology: one is the legitimacy derived from technico-scientific competence, the other stems from the forms of social organization of the milieu itself.

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