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At this moment, is there bodily and mental pleasure, pain or an intermediate feeling? Set the mind to see this and then look in at the mind. Is it agitated or calm? If you are comfortable in body and mind, then it should be calm. Otherwise, it will be unquiet and restive. Focus so as to know the actual situation at this moment. Examine yourself. If there is still restlessness, then that restlessness itself will be a hindrance which blocks the mind from samadhi. See if such hindrances are present.

When such ‘self-and-other’, ‘mine-andthine’ are present then direct your vision towards the condition of desiring or wanting something. Therefore, with complete penetration into nàma-råpa you must also detect this desire existing in the mind. There are two forms of desire, one being that which is realizable, and the other that which is beyond reach. The desires and wishes that can be fulfilled are concerned with those objectives which are possible to attain. But this does not mean that they can all be attained just by wishing, for the appropriate causes must first be put into effect.

Sorrow, heartache, bodily pain, mental-distress and depression must all inevitably exist according to the state of things. To wish them away, forbidding their appearance, goes against the ways of nature. ’ Now, come and consider this body and the mental group: this nàma-råpa which I have already explained. It originated in birth; is developing and changing into old age; is painful and troublesome through sickness; and, finally, it must break up with death. This is the inevitable nature of nàma-råpa.

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