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By David Foulkes

Five components and appendices. '....a wonderful synthesis of Freudian dream approach psychology and Chomsky's structural linguistics...'-from the jacket

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A grammar of dreams

Five elements and appendices. '. .. .a exceptional synthesis of Freudian dream strategy psychology and Chomsky's structural linguistics. .. '-from the jacket

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Both dreams and speech have long been studied in disciplines separate from the mainstream of general human psychology. Both phenomena have been major explanatory problems for the ruling Simplicities of academic psychology. Both dreams and speech involve the "externalization" of thought in terms of a sensory modality, and, perhaps because of this requirement of exteriorization, both have been regarded as particularly good levers with which to study thought structures ordinarily invisible and inaudible to introspective probes.

The linguistic analogy ultimately is revealed to be little more than a catchy figure of speech. Likewise, we all are familiar with various dream "dictionaries" which purport to give us the correct verbal/emotional referents of various pictOrial dream symbols. Even where the more reasonable and nonarbitrary procedure of free association (cf. chapter 4) is employed for "translating" such symbols, however, there is a tendency for dream interpreters to treat these symbols 14 A GRAMMAR OF DREAMS only as isolated semantic elements in the personality structure of the dreamer rather than as syntactic and semantic elements in the grammatical structure of a dream language.

He observed. is not to be found on our bookshelf. but in the mind of the dreamer. The symbolic equivalences needed to explain Freud's Dream Theory 35 the person's dream are equivalences which exist, first and foremost, in the very same mind which generated that dream. The methodological novelty of Freud's work, then, lay in its reliance on the dreamer, rather than upon various "authorities," to supply the mental context in which the dream could be understood . Our mode of access to the dreamer's personal dictionary is free association.

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