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By Judy Hall

The definitive source for operating with strong crystals! glowing, luminous, and colourful, it truly is no ask yourself crystals have regularly been considered as a resource of energy from precedent days to give day. yet with the big variety of crystals now out there, it's tricky to settle on precisely the correct stone. In a hundred and one energy Crystals, the world over popular crystal specialist Judy corridor brings jointly a hundred and one crystals which are robust throughout a large spectrum of makes use of and compatible for every type of person. now not all crystals swimsuit every person, and the choice has been particularly selected to supply choices and new percentages that won't were considered before.This whole assortment comprises excessive vibration crystals that skilled crystal practitioners may want to discover in addition to people with earthier vibrations which are fitted to rookies or these constructing their sensitivities. It additionally positive factors a few infrequent and lately found crystals and stones that experience no longer been incorporated in the other quantity, equivalent to Aurora Quartz, Que Sera, Trigonic Quartz, and Preseli Bluestone. each one access covers the heritage, mythology, and symbolism of the crystal as well as its therapeutic houses and environmental results. There are crystals and stones for romance, overall healthiness, safeguard, abundance, and lots of different powers.

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HOW CRYSTALS FORM Crystals are, for the most part, created by the Earth’s awesome power. Boiled, compressed, and excoriated, some were born of volcanoes, glaciers, earthquakes, and immense pressure; others dripped into being through osmosis, gas bubbles, and nature’s gentler forces. Some so-called crystals don’t actually have a crystalline structure. Amber, for instance, is fossilized tree resin, and volcanic Obsidian formed so fast it didn’t have time to crystallize. How a crystal forms affects how its power works.

Negative power: dependence Positive power: self-direction Dis-eases are chronic and reflect previous wounds: immune or endocrine deficiencies, and genetic, neurotransmitter or physical malfunctions. SOMA CHAKRA Key issues: Spiritual identity, expansion, soul journeying. Imbalances create disembodied “airheads” with little connection to the physical world or their physical bodies; or overly strong embodiedness traps the soul and prevents spiritual connection. Negative power: disconnection from material or spiritual world Positive power: awareness of being both physically in incarnation and spiritually expanded Dis-eases are autistic and disconnected or dyspraxic and may include Down syndrome.

Negative power: selfishness with low self-esteem Positive power: self-worth, confidence Dis-eases are toxic and psychosomatic: PMS, muscle cramps, reproductive blockages or diseases, impotence, infertility, allergies, addictions, eating disorders, diabetes, liver or intestinal dysfunction, irritable bowel, chronic back pain, urinary infections SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA Key issues: Emotional processing and communication. Energy assimilation and utilization, concentration. Emotional “hooks” from other people are found here.

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