How to Top Rock

By | December 10, 2012

How to top rock is the first breakdance tutorial of the beginners section. We’re going to start with the basics of breakdancing, first we’re going to start out with top rock. This might not seem too difficult when you see it, but remember you have to keep up with the rhythm. That’s where the difficulty comes in to play. Make sure you stand on your toes to be able to bounce and keep up with the beat. Get up on your tippy toes and move one leg to the other side. Right leg, over the left.

Jump back in to the resting position, left leg over right, hop back into resting position. Keep repeating this, practice it. Make sure it’s with a rhythm, if it’s not, then it won’t look good at all. Don’t dance to the rhythm of your own drum, follow the beat. Of course it won’t be just that. It’ll look way more different, the beat determines how much you move. Just remember back and forth, then resting position.

Rinse and repeat. Always try to find the rhythm to a baseline or snare line. Every song has a beat and you can top rock to it. You can even incorporate hopping into the top rocking. If you feel like you’ve gotten enough practice, then you can incorporate hands.

Let your hands swing with your body a bit; don’t be afraid to loosen up. However don’t let them flail either. Practice in the mirror will show you if you’re swinging your arms to much. Just make sure to remember your following your feet.

You might be thinking that top rocking isn’t worth the time to get it down. However, top rock is the foundation of breakdancing that brings it all together. You won’t be able to do power moves all the time and if they are all you can do then you won’t be a well rounded dancer. Top rocking allows you to have style and put your own twist on things.